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FBG Mirrors for Laser Cavity [Click to download PDF file]

For fiber laser, double clad fiber is commonly used, as the fiber core is very small, which will limit just a few laser modes, and therefore can easily achieve high power density; also, by cladding mode pumping, the inner clad structure will allow high power laser diode pumping, which could improve the pumping efficiency, and then achieve high gain in the active fiber. 


Currently, a high power fiber laser cavity is usually consisted with a Yb-doped double clad fiber as the active fiber, and a pair of high reflector (HR) and output coupler (OC) fiber bragg gratings, which have the same geometry as the active fiber in order to have good matching.


Based on the Double-Clad FBG writting technique, Raysung developed high power FBG mirrors, specifically for the application of fiber laser. The wavelength matching between HR and OC could be controlled <0.2nm. Also, with particular heat management technique, these FBGs are built to handle as high as KW pumping power, so that they could meet the highest standard of reliability and performance.



                     - High efficiency                                                    

                    - Easy integration into OEM systems                 

                     - Very low insertion loss



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