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Chirped FBG [Click to download PDF file]

The refractive index profile of the grating may be modified to add other features, such as a linear variation in the grating period, called a chirp. The reflected wavelength changes with the grating period, broadening the reflected spectrum. A grating possessing a chirp has the property of adding dispersion—namely, different wavelengths reflected from the grating will be subject to different delays. This property has been used in the development of phased-array antenna systems and polarization mode dispersion compensation, as well.

           Features:                                                                      Applications:

                 - Center wavelength on ITU grid                            - FTTH reflector 

                 - Wide bandwidth                                                     - Gain flattening filter  

                 - Athermal package available                                - Fiber sensor 

                 - High reliability                                                         - Fiber filter                       

                                                                                                      - Dispersion compensation module 





 (Reflection spectrum)                                                                           (Transmisson spectrum)

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